Statewide Media on the Campaign and the Vote

Lots of above-the-flap coverage today.

The AP reports that the Fair Wisconsin campaign so far "has identified 75,000 voters sympathetic to its position, amassed more than 4,000 volunteers and recruited churches, labor unions and other groups to help."

Meanwhile the Wisconsin State Journal interviews Human Rights Campaign staffer Tim O'Brien: "'When you look at the national landscape right now, Wisconsin is a place in which we believe that we have a great chance of succeeding,' said O'Brien, a former state resident who's working with state groups to defeat the ban. 'I think that Wisconsin is just leaps and bounds ahead of any other state that has had this occur.'"

The Capital Times has insight into just how Fair Wisconsin has already taken these leaps and bounds: "The group also has 4,000 volunteers in place statewide and has trained speakers in 13 communities around the state. Local organizing committees meet once a month in several cities. Churches representing nearly 500,000 parishioners have been identified as opposing the amendment and numerous other organizations including the Madison City Council and the Urban League of Greater Madison will oppose it as well."

The state's largest paper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reports that our opponents, the "Yes" campaign, are busy targeting undecided voters: "'There are people on both sides of the issue who have already made up their minds, but there is a great gray area of people who don't know the issue is out there,' said [Julaine] Appling, whose group advocates for sexual abstinence before marriage and restricting access to abortion. 'This issue is won or lost at the grass-roots level.'"

Tremendous activity in the blogs today as well. Among the many, many others and in addition to our earlier post on Ann Althouse, Xoff seconds Representative Gregg Underheim's floor speech: "The constitution exists to protect people's rights, not take them away."

And What's Left wonders aloud why Assembly Speaker John Gard added extra security for last night's floor debate. What was he so scared of?

To check out more bloggers' views on the civil unions and marriage ban try a keyword search for "amendment" and "Wisconsin" here.

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