The Story in Photos - Green Bay Training

Last night, Fair Wisconsin fanned out across the state. The touring team's path diverged as I headed to Green Bay with Ingrid, and the others drove west for the La Crosse Kick-Off.

Our very first Action Network Training was in November 2004 in Green Bay, where we had double our expected turn-out and met much enthusiasm. Many people of that original team of trained speakers went on to meet with Senator Dave Hansen and do a lot of outreach into the community.

Yesterday we returned for our third Green Bay training, and again had a packed room at Preble Park Presbyterian Church. Thanks to everyone at Preble Park for hosting the training!

We met a diverse group of folks at this Action Network Training, which is our more intensive and interactive three-hour training on how to speak out against the ban and get plugged into the campaign.

During the practice section of the training, I spoke with Chad from Appleton who is planning with his partner of 10+ years to adopt a child in the next couple years. He was concerned about how the ban would impact their ability to provide legal protections and health care both for each other and for their child. He said that he would love for one of them to be a stay-at-home dad, but unless they had domestic partnership benefits, that dad would be stuck without health care. The ban on civil unions and marriage could leave this loving and committed family without basic legal protections.



At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Dan Ross said...


That's all I can say to the amazing road trip, local community involvement, media response, etc., etc. I have to do a lot more reading to catch up on the blog, as I only quickly read a few snippets here and there.

Keep up the great work! Your reports are so invigorating!



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