The Story in Pictures - The Eau Claire Kick-Off

Our fourth day on the road brought us to Eau Claire.

We entered Eau Claire on a tough night. Different people I’d spoken with leading up to the event had tipped me off about the fact that there were various events on campus and in the community that we had to compete with and I had great doubts about how many community members would make this campaign their evening’s priority.

This kick-off was held at the Episcopal Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Eau Claire. Many thanks go to Father Bruce and the church for hosting us.

I stood at the sign-in table in the lobby and crossed my fingers, trying not to count as people came in. Little by little, though, the folks kept coming and as soon as there was a lull, I peeked inside the room and saw that it was indeed full, with chairs pulled out from the closet. Seventy-eight people!

We had a pair of speakers from our Action Network: Nancy Wesenberg who has been working with us since our April 05 training in La Crosse. She’s a writer and editor and has been working with the UW-Eau Claire press department for five years. She spoke about how growing up with her brother who is gay was an enriching experience, and how she worries about how the ban will hurt families.

Dan Freund, an Eau Claire lawyer, also spoke about his personal experiences presenting to local civic organizations about the ban. He shared some of what he has found while talking to Rotary and Kiwanis groups. He said that when people hear about how the ban will hurt families, they start to question it. When people hear how far reaching it is and how it will affect so many Wisconsinites, they oppose changing the constitution. Our job is to talk to those fair-minded Wisconsinites. When they hear the facts, they vote no.

After the short training, groups of people stuck around brainstorming with other folks from their towns and counties or from their organization on how they can make a difference in their neighborhood. Folks from Barron County are planning to get together soon, and there is another Eau Claire Action Network meeting planned for March 22nd. Find more information on Action Networks and future local meetings here.

Tomorrow: Superior and Ashland.

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At 8:20 AM, Blogger Ingrid Ankerson said...

Great work out there! Drive safely and enjoy the beautiful Northlands.


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