The Story in Pictures - Superior Kick Off

Friday evening, we gathered in Superior for yet another full room of people--gay, non-gay, older, younger, religious, business owners--ready to educate their community about the civil unions and marriage ban.

Speaking against the ban in Superior were state Rep. Frank Boyle (D-Superior); Ann Marie O'Malley, the emergency shelter coordinator for the Center Against Sexual & Domestic Abuse; and Pastor Kathy Nelson, from Peace United Church of Christ.



At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Jim Speck said...

Boy, you get those pictures up fast! Well done. The three of us from Washburn County were heartened by your presentation. It's time for a knockdown dragout fight for control of the moral-civil atmosphere in America. Not to criticize any religious denomination, but the question is: are the laws which ALL citizens are required to obey going to be decided by a minority group (fundamentalists) of a minority group (Protestant evangelicals) which is shrill, intimidating, extreme in its social and religious views and backed by the Republican Party for cynical political gain? Or will our laws be religiously neutral as judged by a majority of fair-minded Americans? This organization in this election has the opportunity to stand as a bulwark against the forces of intolorance and bigotry, and I am proud to support its mission. I am willing to devote money and time to further this work, as I believe our future as a non-sectarian nation is at stake.


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