"That's a bit of a stretch"

You know you're in a good place when your opponents begin making arguments on your behalf. Such was the case when Representative Jeff Wood (R-Chippewa Falls)--who just this week voted in favor of the civil unions and marriage ban--sat down to chat with Stew Rieckman, a columnist for the The Oshkosh Northwestern:
Early in the conversation, Wood justified amending the constitution to include revenue caps by saying the purpose of the constitution is to "define and limit state government."

It sounded too well-rehearsed and scripted. So I pressed him. "If that's true, how do you justify a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages and civil unions?"

Obviously he wasn't prepared for that question and hadn't rehearsed an answer because he candidly admitted, "That's a bit of a stretch," and "It's inconsistent with the purpose of our constitution."
Sounds to me like we might have just picked up another vote--at least, for the November ballot. Do you think he’s spent some time chatting with Gregg Underheim?

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