You Gotta Believe!

I work in electoral politics. It’s what I do for a living.

When I was 19 years old I got an offer to work part time for a political party. I was paid $600 a month. I felt like the richest guy in the world. I woke up each day so excited because I got to work for something I believed in so strongly. I pushed myself as hard as I could to get up as early as possible and leave work as late as I could. I loved my job and my life. I remember getting my paychecks and wanting to frame them because I was so proud that someone found me valuable enough to pay me.

Through the course of many campaigns and many years I still love my work and my life. But I never felt the same feeling of pure excitement as I did those first days on my first job. I just figured it was a once in a lifetime feeling, an idealism that had been battered down by cynicism and keepers of the status quo.

Until I started working here.

I can’t remember the exact point in time when the feeling came back. Somewhere along the way I realized that I was feeling that excitement again. And while it is tempered with my past experiences it made me realize that this campaign will be one of the most important things I will do with my life.

We are going to win this campaign. We will be the first state in the country to defeat a ban on civil unions and marriage. I believe that. I need you to believe it too. We have to believe because we need to get everyone we know to believe. And then we need them to get their friends and family to believe.

We were in every corner of the state this past week. The support we have gotten is unbelievable. It literally renders me speechless. I believe we are assembling the greatest grassroots campaign in Wisconsin history.

We will defeat the ban in November because of the people who live in Wisconsin as well as the incredible work that has been done by Action Wisconsin and Center Advocates in the last two years. The people that work for both of these organizations are some of the most amazing and talented people I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Their drive, expertise and passion give me the strength to keep working harder and longer. I know that I will never be able to thank them or convey to them the incredible respect that I have for them. They are my inspiration.

So please join our campaign. Get involved. Donate your time and money. Believe me you will want to be a part of this incredible campaign. You gotta believe. We are going to make history.

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At 6:12 AM, Blogger Kyle said...

I know that we can beat this ban, and I think its definitely possible through people like you Mike Tate, as well as the unified Democratic Party of Wisconsin, College Democrats of Wisconsin, and the countless other young people like myself who are getting involved.

I look forward to attending a training regarding the ban soon. It should be a very nice experience.

At 8:47 AM, Blogger robbodobbo said...

I need to know how I can help. My plans for this summer are open, and this ban is bringing me down every day. What I can't stop thinking about is the one vote it needs to get passed and the greater the chances of that happening if I do not get involved. I need to know how I can help.

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Kyle Bella said...

I am certainly not an expert on this subject, but look first and see if your community is hosting a training day for the ammendment. I know that Kenosha and Racine county are having a training day on March 21st from 6-9 PM. Secondly, you can write letters to the editor for newspapers throughout Kenosha. FairWisconsin provides a guide for how you should be writing. Secondly, you can sign a petition that they have going and see if there is anything that is needed over the summer to distribute literature, do phonebanking or any other type of work. Just e-mail somebody in charge. Finally, tell all of your friends about this ban and why it is a bad idea. Knowledge and educating people is the key in having this be defeated.

And on another note, I hope that everybody knows teenagers like myself are working hard to help as well. We have quite the group of high school students from Kenosha. It's wonderful to see how much you support us.

Any additional questions for me, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to



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