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One great way to voice opposition to the amendment is to follow the lead of Keith Spruce, of Two Rivers, who sends in this letter to the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter:
That's right, Lasee and Ziegelbauer voted "Aye," essentially supporting an historic effort at legalized discrimination by their votes in the Wisconsin Assembly, Amendment SJR 53. . . . This proposed constitutional amendment would ban measures designed to protect unmarried couples and their families, civil unions and same-sex marriage.

So why should we citizens of Manitowoc County be concerned? Well, as Republican Rep. Gregg Underheim stood up to speak to the Wisconsin Assembly, he stated, "What we are doing today is wrong. This is an anti-constitution act. In virtually no other area do constitutions prohibit individuals from participating in a specific activity. We today are singling out a group of people and saying they will be restricted from engaging in a specific activity. What or who is next?"

Manitowoc citizens should take note that Lasee and Ziegelbauer go against the very core values of being an American: liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe we should not be supporting representatives who want to create inequalities designed to create second-class citizens.
For newspaper contact information, suggestions for getting your letter printed, and some ideas of things to say, check out Fair Wisconsin's letter-writing guide.

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At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo ! I will our legistlators would 'WAKE UP' !! This cannot continue in our state...are we really back to the era of McCarthyism ?? Witch hunts ?


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