The Ban and the Brain Drain

An article from today's Associated Press looks to Minnesota, their proposed ban, and how the economy could be hurt should it pass.

From Senator Michele Bachmann, the legislator leading the fight to pass the ban we hear:

Minnesota is such a fabulous state to live and work, it's a stretch to think people would choose not to live in Minnesota because our laws continue to reflect that marriage is between a man and a woman...
And from a group of 50 executives in advertising, public relations, marketing, and other related fields we hear this:

Our success as creative businesses depends upon our ability to recruit talented employees and draw clients from around the country who are attracted to Minnesota's tradition of cultural diversity, openness, and tolerance...

The argument, advanced in some other states, is that there is a ''creative class" of talented workers, straight and gay, who are a driving force in the economy and seek out vibrant communities that are tolerant of differences.

It seems foolish to believe that writing discrimination into the state constitution could be good for anything--much less for business. You might recall the article in the Wisconsin State Journal earlier this year when Richard Florida, a nationally known development expert, said to boost Wisconsin's economy we should vote against the ban on civil unions and marriage.

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