Candidates for 8th Congressional Seat Discuss the Ban

This week at UW-Fox Valley in Menasha, the five candidates running for the 8th Congressional District discussed their opinions and visions on Wisconsin’s economy, healthcare, homeland security, as well as federal and state bans on civil unions and marriage for same-sex couples.

The five people fighting to replace U.S. Representative Mark Green are Democrats Nancy Nusbaum, Jamie Wall and Steve Kagen and Republicans Terri McCormick and John Gard—a co-sponsor of Wisconsin’s proposed ban. reports:
… both McCormick and Gard said they would support [the ban] on the federal level. Gard said he was a proud co-sponsor of the state legislation and said the public should decide the issue, not an “activist judge.”

Nusbaum, who said she has a gay son, said she could not support it “because I cannot turn on my son.”

Wall said the state amendment is “a cheap political statement that plays on people's worst prejudices.”

Kagen said the state amendment is a “smokescreen.” “It is the realm of religions to make decisions about marriage,” he said.

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