A Death Threat in Minnesota

In Minnesota, backers of a civil unions and marriage ban just won't give up.

On one hand, they villify "activist judges," and say that legislatures should be the place to decide questions of marriage or civil unions. But then when they don't get what they want from legislators, they attack them too.

Recently, Minnesotans in Defense of Marriage ran ads targeting senators who oppose the ban there.
The ads feature obviously doctored photos of senators thumbing their noses at the camera, with accompanying text arguing that's what the senators are doing to voters. Jeff Davis, director of the group, said there was never an intention to present the photos as anything but doctored.
You may remember that Focus on [Everybody Else's] Family also took out ads attacking MN state senators. The ad equated a vote on a discriminatory constitutional ban with the right of Iraqis to vote.

Then there's the Gangof12 website also targeting senators who refuse to support the ban. The site has photos of the senators and describes them as "forcing Minnesotans to accept same-sex marriage."

So what now?

A Minnesota state senator has received a death threat because he voted against the ban.

It reminds me of when our state Senator Dave Hansen got a voicemail calling for "open season" on gay people.

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