Does Family Health Care Now Violate the Michigan Constitution?

A lawyer for Michigan's attorney general was in court yesterday arguing that a civil unions and marriage ban, passed in 2004, prohibits local governments and universities from offering domestic partner benefits. According to the Associated Press, the lawyer told a state appeals court that "giving the same benefits to same-sex partners that now go to spouses and children puts domestic partnerships on a similar footing as marriage."

"That's exactly," he told the reporter, "what the amendment, and the people of Michigan, are trying to prevent."

This is despite the fact that the "Yes" campaign in Michigan made statements assuring voters that the ban had nothing to do with health benefits.

One "Yes on the ban" brochure said: "Proposal 2 is Only About Marriage. Marriage is a union between husband and wife. Proposal 2 will keep it that way. This is not about rights or benefits or how people choose to live their life." And Gary Glenn, head of the American Family Association of Michigan, called the benefits threat a "scare tactic" and insisted "public employers could offer domestic partnership benefits if they want to."

Funny, that's what Julaine Appling and her buddies are saying.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julaine is clearly a liar.

I don't claim the same about all on the yes side, but Julaine Appling is a liar.

Put in Old Testament terms, she bears false witness. When was the last time she actually read and thought about the Ten Commandments? My guess: a long, long time ago.

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Education will be key in our fight to defeat this ban. I think that was Michigan's greatest problem: those who voted yes for it simply thought they were "defining" marriage (whatever that means). However, it's become clear now that the amendment can be interpreted to go far beyond that. We need a rich, liberal business tycoon to buy some airtime and explain all this. Ha.



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