Ed Thompson & Libertarians Against the Ban

This past Saturday, Mike Tate spoke at the state Libertarian Party's annual meeting. Later that day, Ed Thompson also addressed the gathering, focusing largely on his opposition to the civil unions and marriage ban.

Thompson ran for Governor as a Libertarian Party candidate in 2002 and garnered 10% of the vote. He continues to operate his supper club in Tomah and also has a spot on local radio. He's discussed the ban on his show recently. You can listen to the audio files here.

Learn more about the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin here. Many Wisconsin voters are not necessarily card-carrying members of the Libertarian Party, but there is a strong libertarian streak in our state that could be key to defeating the ban in November.

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At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

May I add that this is another reason why the Republican plan to use the amendment will fail to "get out the vote" for Green.

Wisconsin Republican voters are often more libertarian (small "l") than our Republican elected officials.

The fact that Green has spoken in favor of the ban will cause the true conservatives (who want government out of peoples' lives) to stay home rather than vote for Green. Or perhaps they will come out and vote against the amendment and hold their noses and vote for either gubernatorial candidate.

It's great that Mike has been spending time with the Libertarian (capital "L") base. They are mostly folks who will turn out in November, and they will overwhelmingly, by definition, vote with us.


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