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Just wanted to share this story by a very active and wonderful volunteer, Coleman. This weekend Coleman was one of many who participated in a weekend-long conference (which Deon will tell you a little bit about later this afternoon) organized by NGLTF and Fair Wisconsin.

One of the weekend activities was a door-to-door canvass. Says Coleman:
On Saturday, I joined 100 other people walking door- to-door in a Milwaukee working class neighborhood. I did not want to do it. I was nervous about knocking on the doors of strangers and talking about gay marriage.

But ... all of us were given excellent training and materials. We went out in teams. We were supported by a captain.

The results were even better than we hoped for. By a two to one margin, we encountered more opponents of the ban than supporters. The opponents were angry about the ban, and glad to talk with us and learn more about it. The supporters of the ban were, fortunately, universally courteous (if wrong-headed).

I went from dreading going door-to-door - to looking forward to the next time. Not one person among our 100 had a bad experience.
Coleman works with the Fair Wisconsin Action Network of Iowa, Grant, Lafayette and Sauk Counties, and will be at tomorrow's Action Training in Platteville to talk about the work they're doing in that part of the state.

And the weekend of the 22nd, he's helping with the door-to-door in Dodgeville and Platteville-- two of several canvasses that will take place around the state that weekend.

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At 12:14 PM, Blogger Justin Sweet said...

I was in Coleman's group that went door to door on Saturday. I remember him expressing his anxiousness prior to the canvass. I was so glad to see that he had a wonderful experience, especially in light of his uncertainty going into it.


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