"In the larger sense, it says something about how welcoming our state is."

That's Department of Tourism Secretary Jim Holperin talking to the Wisconsin State Journal's Tom Sheehan. (The article also ran in the La Crosse Tribune.)

The article concludes:
The best thing for the tourism industry may be if Wisconsin voters buck the national trend and defeat the ... ban, Holperin said.

"That would be worth millions and millions in free advertising, just by virtue of the message it sends out to the rest of the nation."

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At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holperin is dead on right about the message defeating this ban would send to the rest of the nation--particularly the demographically high-disposible-income group of LGBT people.

I know its not a good idea to generalize from a set of one, but this weekend my partner and I were doing some summer vacation travel planning. One place we are considering visiting is Bryce Canyon, in Utah. There are two towns near the main enterance to this National park. One of those towns recently passed a very anti-gay resolution, and the town's mayor said gay people were not welcome there. So guess where we're taking our lavender dollars? Nowhere near that town. Springdale, outside of Zion, also in Utah, is quite welcoming, on the other hand. There's even a lesbian-owned B&B, and another B&B that describes itself as gay friendly. I'd much rather spend $2000 there than where I am not welcome.


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