Janesville Labor Concerned About the Ban

This weekend the Janesville Gazette reports on labor's growing opposition to the ban and concerns among Rock County employers.

The reporter interviews Rep. Mike Sheridan, state Assembly representative who is also the head of United Auto Workers Local 95.
UAW Local 95 will 'absolutely' try to bring voters out against the ban, Sheridan said. Expect the union to side with the state AFL-CIO by weighing in against the ban within weeks, he said.

'We will be taking a position against it,' Sheridan said.
Sara Rogers, from the state AFL-CIO, talks about their commitment to inform members about the ban before Election Day. And a law professor discusses the potential impact on employers.

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At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

I think there is an opportunity here! The organizing and educating power of the unions can be formidable.

But I think this Wisconsin Legislative Council opinion, to which our friend Julaine referrs, is confusing. Can you guys post that memo on the blog? My Senator (Alberta Darling), who voted for the amendment, has refered to the memo in every conversation I have had with her or her staff. But she has yet to send me a copy.

Any chance that we can work with the WLC to have them render a revised opinion to reflect the true confusion that has actually come up wince they published that bloody opinion?

At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Todd said...

From what I've heard, the WLC can not be counted on to produce accurate opinions -- especially on issues that are especially controversial. The WLC's opinion seems to have been influenced in advance by the conclusions desired by Gundrum, Fitzgerald, and the bunch.


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