La Crosse Keeps Talking

Last Friday, the La Crosse Tribune discussed a county-wide poll that gauged support for the ban.
In the survey, done by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse political science department, 45.5 percent said they would support the amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman that will be on the November ballot.

But 36.1 percent said they would vote against it, and 18.4 percent said they are undecided.
I don't know much more about the poll, but I was excited to see how the online conversation has continued in response to it. Here's the La Crosse Tribune article and the forum with 166 comments now posted.

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At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Kent W said...

I read all the comments on the site and so many of them were so hateful. Everyone is quoting the Bible, or the constitution and arguing about "The Gay Marriage amendment".

I just had to put in my 2 cents but I can't only spend 2. I had to spend a quarter. Unfortunatly the posts there are limited. I broke it up but dont' know if they will post it.

Here is what I said.....

"I really resisted chiming in because those (on this forum) who support the amendment will not change their minds. Those who are against the amendment will not change their minds. Calling names and confusing the issue with Bible, Morality, Gay Marriage statements, blah blah blah.

The issue is just this. Should our constitution be amended to add the definition of marriage, which is already illegal. Yet it goes further to exclude any rights bestowed on same sex individuals (or heterosexuals as well) because those on the religious side of the argument think it is "too close" to marriage. A pretend marriage, if you will. Julaine Appling used those words.

I am really sad to see all the name calling. Reading the posts I couldn't help but feel very attacked and hated by many of the comments even though none of you know me. Why am I voting "No"? Is it to push an agenda? Is it to force my life on others? Is it to make Christians accept me? Is it to just be "in your face"? No to all of those things. It is simply this. I am gay. I was born gay. I have never tried to force anyone to change their views of homosexuality. I want to be able to live the rest of my life with my partner who I dearly love. This love is as valid and deep as the love the married (heterosexuals) on this forum feel. Do you love your husband or wife and want to protect them? Well, right on. I want to do the same with my partner. I want to have a stable relationship. I want to be able to provide healthcare for my partner. I want to be able to not worry about having a sheet of paper with me if my partner suddenly must be hospitalized. I want to continue to pay our substantial taxes but file jointly because that is what couples should do. I want to be able to leave my partner with my social security, my 401(k), all not some of my death benefits should I die before him. I want to leave him my house without fear that an amendment like this will allow a blood relative to step in and say our relationship is not vaild and force him onto the street. (Yes, it happens even with substantial legal paperwork) I want to sit and talk with my neighbors (straight and gay) and grip and complain about the cost of gas, profanity in movies, lack of respect in young kids today. I want to pick flowers in my garden and give them to the kind lady next door. I want to bake cookies and invite my friends over to laugh about old times. I am just like you in so many ways.

Why do you hate me? Why do you want me to struggle to get these protections? Why do you want me to spend thousands of dollars getting a paltry few of these protections that you get for a 25.00 marriage license? Keep your marriage. Let me have a civil union. This amendment will make that impossible.

I don't want bad things for you. I want you to be happy and healthy and considered important and valuable to our society. I want you to enjoy the life you have on this earth. Can't you want that for me too?

Please. You are more than entitled to your views both for and against. Just please, seriously think about the fact that we are living human beings. As perfect and as flawed as the next. We are all on this one earth together to struggle to find meaning for our lives. We should support each other's views no matter how different and try to boil down these arguments to basic fairness. That is all I ask. Is that too much?




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