Last Night's Volunteer Captains Meeting

Last night we had a very successful meeting of volunteer captains in Madison. These are the people who are, or will become, our lead volunteers. Their help in running volunteer nights, training volunteers, managing door-to-door canvasses, etc. will be integral to the campaign.

Work shouldn't feel like work all the time...right? We didn't think so either, so we started off last night's gathering with a pot-luck dinner and drinks. There was so much food that I doubt we even ate half of what people brought! It was nice to get a chance to relax and unwind with the same people who usually help us manage things in the office when we're overwhelmed with tasks to accomplish.

After dinner we got down to business. Pabitra and I took turns covering the different types of jobs that the captains would need to know how to do. We answered questions and handed out guide sheets and forms. It took quite a while to cover all the different areas of responsibility (we have high expectations!) but in the end I think most folks felt like they were up to the task.

Volunteer captains will play a pivotal role in our field campaign, both here in Madison, and around the state. Without their help, there would not be enough staff to effectively train all the volunteers that we will need to defeat the ban on civil unions and marriage. If you are interested in volunteering--and perhaps becoming a captain someday--check out our volunteer page.



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