No Time for Tired

Today marks 200 days until Election Day.

I’ve been working against the ban since it was first introduced in 2004. And honestly, today I'm tired of it.

Most days, I’m thrust in the throes of the campaign, focused on getting the day’s projects done. But for some reason today, when I awoke, I felt nothing but resentment: why do we even have to face something like this?

But there’s no time to indulge in this. We have 200 days. That’s it.

So I’m going to look ahead. Not letting the pure stupidity of the ban get me down.

Here are a few things that get me out of the funk.

- This week I got an email from a pastor in Wauwatosa whose church held a meeting for people interested in organizing against the ban. Twenty-five people showed up to take on a piece of the work. Next up, they’re organizing a church-wide forum to educate more congregants.

- Tomorrow, people will be talking to voters on their doorsteps in Superior, La Crosse, Platteville, Dodgeville, Madison, Milwaukee, and Oshkosh. And this will happen again in more communities over the next few weekends.

- The Southwestern Wisconsin Action Network and others in Mineral Point have put together a concert to benefit Fair Wisconsin. People like them in every part of the state are hosting house parties and sponsoring events to raise awareness and money for the campaign.

- Sunday night is the Sun Prairie Action Network meeting. This Monday, Shira and Ingrid will host a training in Menomonie at First Congregational Church. Then Shira will travel on to join the Superior and La Crosse Action Network meetings. Lindsey is headed to the first meeting of the Sheboygan Action Network on Thursday. The Fair Wisconsin calendar tells the full story.

- Groups of lay people and clergy have been meeting in 10 regions of the state to organize faith community outreach. This week, I’m traveling to meet with these groups in La Crosse and Green Bay to check in on their efforts to personally connect with members of area churches and to begin planning area faith community events.

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At 4:00 PM, Blogger Ingrid Ankerson said...

Thanks for the boost, Josh. I can't wait until November 8th when we can all wake up happy.

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Mary Sykes said...

Aye aye to Ingrid's response - it's good to be reminded of all the positive and proactive responses to this hateful thing - to be reminded there ARE lots of fair-minded Wisconsinites!


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