A Sign from the Common Man

We’ve mentioned Ed Thompson—Tomah resident, supper club owner, radio host, and 2002 Libertarian party candidate for Governor—a few times recently.

Thompson, whose supporters consider him to provide “the voice of the common man,” has taken a strong stand against the civil unions and marriage ban, calling it the No. 1 issue in Wisconsin this year.

Over the weekend the editorial page editor of the Wisconsin State Journal writes that Thompson’s stance is a sure sign “that Wisconsin could become the first state in the union to defeat a needless and divisive constitutional attack.”

Says Scott Milfred in his column:
Republicans put the question on state ballots this fall assuming it would easily pass and lure more social conservatives to the polls.

But Thompson's fiery opposition suggests passage is hardly a given. And a poll last week offered more hope for defeat. About half of respondents said they favor same-sex civil unions, and opposition to gay marriage is falling.

Thompson, the younger brother of former GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson, said he's received positive reaction to his defense of gay people not just at the Libertarian convention but in Tomah, 100 miles northwest of Madison.
For those of you in the Tomah area, your chance to get involved locally is coming up. Shira is organizing the first Tomah Action Network meeting scheduled for May 1.

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