Superior Launches Spring Outreach

During the past few weeks, I’ve traveled all over Western Wisconsin to meet with each of our Action Networks. While all the driving can be tedious, I’m always energized once I get to the meetings and see the enthusiasm and excitement of the local folks who are eager to go out into their communities and organize against the ban.

Last Tuesday, I was in Superior. Though I knew Douglas County was one of the most progressive in the state, I had no idea that we’d have so much support at a Tuesday night organizing meeting. Not only did we have 17 people in attendance, but everyone came prepared to get down to business.

After spending a few minutes reviewing our message, answering some questions, and giving a campaign update, we broke into teams to focus on events outreach, door-to-door voter contact, and speakers’ network outreach. Each team brainstormed ideas and began to put together concrete plans for the month of April. At the end of the meeting, we regrouped and the point people for each team gave a rundown of what they had planned: The door-to-door team is holding a canvass on Saturday, April 22, the speaker’s network outreach team brainstormed a number of events to which we should send speakers, and the events outreach team even began recruiting people to show up at an event that weekend.

Even though it’s a 6 hour-drive, I’m looking forward to going back up to Superior at the end of this month to see how everything’s been put into practice.


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