Talking about the Ban in Dodgeville & Platteville

Coleman from the Southwest Action Network shared a few stories from a Saturday morning canvass in Dodgeville and an afternoon canvass in Platteville. Canvassers in La Crosse and Superior had similarly good experiences.

One of our canvassers in Platteville reported talking with a man who identified himself as "the most conservative Republican you'll ever meet." Our canvasser was about to high-tail it out of there, when the man on the doorstep said that his son was gay, and he thought the proposed constitutional ban was awful. He was angry that the Legislature voted for it, and he's going to tell everyone he knows to vote against it.


In Dodgeville, an elderly woman wearing an oxygen tube opened the door. When I told her why I was there she told me that she was a Christian and that the Bible said homosexuality was a sin and that's that. I told her I respected her beliefs, but I asked her to have compassion for thousands of Wisconsin families like mine. I told her that if my partner of 19 years were hospitalized in the local hospital just a few blocks away, I would have no automatic right to take care of him, and my doctor has informed me that I might be prevented from visiting him. She said , "Well, that's not right." I said, no, that's not right. So when you vote in November, please think of my family. We just want to take care of each other. She said, "Well, you ought to be able to do that." I don't know how she will ultimately vote, but hopefully when she goes to vote in November, she'll remember me.


We were amazed at the number of people in Platteville who claimed not to have heard anything about the ban--easily half of the folks we talked with. I think so many Wisconsinites are not tuned in at all to what is happening politically, whether they are just too busy with their own struggles, or they have grown too cynical about politics, or they just don't care... who knows? Quite a few of these same people reacted the same way, by commenting that it didn't matter what they personally do or don't believe, it's not the government's business to tell people how to live their lives. There is a strong libertarian bent in Grant County. We need to tap into that.


On the morning before our canvass, I had breakfast with a Mineral Point businessman who wanted to talk with me about a possible new commercial venture in town. Toward the end of our breakfast I told him about the canvassing that I would be doing the next day in Dodgeville and Platteville. He told me that he's a Christian. Then he paused and said, "No, I'm what you'd call an evangelical Christian. But," he said, "it's not anybody's business to tell anyone else how to live their life or who they can love. I voting against it."

Thanks, Coleman, and everyone else for telling your stories to voters this weekend.

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At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Greg B in Madison. said...

I am so humbled and proud to be human when I read about the excellent times my fellow Wisconsinites are having talking about the ban in Dodgeville & Platteville. Four weeks ago, I wore my (homemade) Fair Wisconsin T-shirt to a show at the King Club in Madison Wisconsin. A fellow concert-goer said "I like your shirt, but there's really no need to wear that in Madison, is there?" Well, tonight I went to the King Club again, and 6 people asked me what my "Fair Wisconsin" pin (which I just bought) was about, and not ONE of them had even HEARD about the ban. So, what I'm saying is, we need to talk, even to the local Madison folk. I think we can do this, especially since those of you much braver (and more wonderful) than I are taking on the harder task of going door to door in Dodgeville.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Justin Sweet said...

Coleman, I'm glad to hear that your door canvassing success continues! Thanks for all your hard work and for helping to coordinate door knocking in Dodgeville AND Platteville.


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