A Week Like Any Other

I keep thinking things are going to slow down for a minute before they heat up again closer to November. But around our offices, that is just not the case.

At the beginning of the year when Mike Tate came on as our campaign manager, he told us that we had three resources: people, money, and time. And, he said, the only resource we share equally with our opposition is time, so we'd better use every second until the polls close on November wisely.

We’re on it. It's the end of April and already we’re often working late into the night-- and sometimes even into the wee hours of the morning.

And this week, like any other week, has been no exception. On Sunday I came in around 10am thinking I'd have the office to myself-- but three other people were already here. By early afternoon, almost everyone on staff was at their desk. Monday, Shira and I took off for an Action Training in Menomonie. I returned on Tuesday, and she continued on to Superior and then La Crosse for Action Network Meetings. Josh left this morning for a faith organizing meeting in La Crosse, and shortly after he left, Lindsey took off for Sheboygan and will stay in the area until Saturday. And Saturday is a busy one-- what with all the door-to-door canvasses going on around the state. Meanwhile Pabitra is busy organizing all of Dane county, our volunteers, and our interns. Deon’s doing the same in Milwaukee, and Justin has been working late into the night with our volunteer, Jeff, to build our database. And then there’s the finance staff, busting their chops every day writing grants, planning events, and raising money to keep us all paid and fund a very costly campaign. Not to mention, every night at 6pm, the phone lines light up because we have volunteers giving up their night to make phone calls and all the other things the paid staff just can't find time to do.

And really, that is just one-eighth of the story. Maybe only one-thirtysixth.

I’ve never worked on a campaign before and frankly, I hope I never do it again. But you know what? I don’t ever dread coming to work. Every day I leave this office I feel like we’re an inch closer to winning. Mike also told us we’d be sprinting a marathon. Sounds about right to me.


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