Why She Cares About Marriage

In Julaine Appling's radio broadcast this week, she answers why she, a single, never-married, straight, no-children woman cares so much about marriage.

It's a question I've been wondering for a long time. And I think she knows that I've been wondering because she actually addresses her commentary to "anti-amendment, pro-homosexual blogs and internet publications."

Her answer is long, but in a nutshell it is this:
We're motivated by a Sovereign Who some 2000 years ago devoted His sacred Head on our behalf, as undeserving as we are. Surely the least we can do is to stand up for Him and His Truth. And that's why I care so much about what happens to the institution of marriage in Wisconsin.
This Friday Julaine and our campaign manager, Mike Tate, will debate the ban on WPR's Joy Cardin show at 7am. I know many of you will be marking Good Friday, and might be spending the day with your family, but I hope you'll turn your radio on that morning to hear the discussion.

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At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The TRUTH is, Julaine, that it's heterosexuals who have changed and cheapened marriage over the years by not treating it as an honorable, life-long commitment. To say homosexuals won't live up to some divine ideal for marriage is a cop-out, and a specious argument against giving all citizens the same treatment under law. If we must bring religion into this debate, let's all remember "give to Caesar what is Caesar's."

Can't wait for Friday's show. Give 'em hell, Mike--respectfully, of course!

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous peter said...

On Friday, Mike should make sure to point out that this amendment does not JUST apply to marriage. It would permanently ban civil unions or any type of legal recognition or protection for gay couples. Julaine continuously touts her self-righteous concerns about "preserving" marriage - as though heterosexuals haven't yet "redefined" it - but offers no acceptable explanation for why the proposed ban goes so far beyond that in such a mean-spirited way.

Make us proud, Mike!

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

I'm with Peter.

What to avoid? Mike will need to prevent this from becoming a discussion about MARRIAGE. That's all Julaine ever talks about, actually, is MARRIAGE. And she is very very good at it. And I have gained a huge respect for her feelings in the matter.

Also to avoid? Nothing partisan, although Mike's roots are within a Party.

My advice about what to talk about? TELL STORIES. Tell about widows who lose their houses on the death of a partner. Tell about the fact that gay households have to jump through a million tax hoops and end up paying more. Tell about the children of gay families.

My advice about what to hammer her on? (nicely of course) Emphasize that Christians and others of faith are not monolithic in support of the ban. Even conservative Christians resent that we are being lumped in with the bigots.

Our prayers and the prayers of a chorus in Heaven are with you, Mike!

At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to pile all the advice on, Mike. But I heard you on the radio once before and it was good, but not as crisp and confident as it should have been. (Politics is entertainment...use the West Wing's C.J as your model.) All of us -- before doing these sorts of things -- need to take some time to relax beforehand and practice, practice, practice.

Okay, enough of that. I also want to say how much we all appreciate everything you and the entire campaign are doing. I just upped my monthly giving amount because I have so much faith in you all.

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Tom in Rhinelander said...

I guess that I can’t help but point out that many Christians have a different viewpoint. Julaine, in her address, self identified herself as a “biblical Christian”. This implies that she believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible. I wouldn’t even begin to argue the theological arguments against this view point. After all it is a legitimate view point that she is entitled to have. I would point out that there are millions of Christians who have a different view point. We are a society founded on freedom, including religious freedom. Many millions of Christian people (majority?) do not believe literally in the Bible. Evolution is a good example where Christian people disagree. What’s next; a constitutional amendment that only the literal creation story in the Bible can be taught as science in our public schools? A good source for an alternative viewpoint on the bible is the United Church of Christ’s God is Still Speaking web site http://www.stillspeaking.com/intro1.htm . They have great ads which have been posted on this web page showing religious discrimination. She is entitled to her far right extremist religious view point, but is she entitled to force it on the rest of Christianity? I also like what others have said about this going beyond marriage and banning civil unions and domestic partnerships. She has publicly stated that she does not think that domestic partner benefits would be not be eliminated but that is not what is happening in Michigan. Mike, hang tough and do not let her extremist religious view point go un-challenged.

Thanks, Tom


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