Yesterday: Wausau. Today: Stevens Point.

Yesterday I met up with the members of the Wausau Action Network. Twenty-three of us sat down in the dining room of a local congregation and started our meeting by getting to know each other. We had a couple who came all the way from Tomahawk. Another couple came because their grandson had recently come out as gay and they wanted to learn more about what the ban means for him.

After everyone gave updates on what happened since the last meeting, we got down to business and worked on our outreach plan for the next months.

One of the reasons I like working with the folks in Wausau, and will continue to look forward to it, is that the high school youth here are so energetic and excited to speak out. They see the broader society in Wisconsin making decisions for their future that they don't agree with. While they often don't yet have the right to vote, they want to vote in other ways: by educating their families, reaching out to classmates who will be 18 by November, and by having discussions in different school groups. It is amazing to me to see young people who have it together and are organized enough to effectively make a difference in their world.

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