A Ban on Adoption? (But Foster Parenting is OK)

An Indiana lawmaker who is pushing to ban gay and lesbians from adopting in that state says he doesn’t have any problem with gay families foster parenting.

Think about that for a minute. That’s saying it’s okay for gay and lesbian people to love and take care of the troubled children and young adults who have been bounced in and out of homes, dealt with abuse or biological parents with drug or alcohol problems. But it’s not ok for gay people to provide a permanent, loving home to the children who need one more than anything.

Kim Brennan and Becki Hamilton are heading to the Indiana Supreme Court after they adopted one of their three foster children and a judge tried to overturn the adoption.
"We're good enough to fix the broken children they send to us," Brennan said, "but we're not good enough to be their parents? Look at that from a child's aspect: If gays and lesbians aren't good enough to adopt them, but they can be foster parents, what does that say about how the state feels about our foster children?"
It’s unfortunate that in this debate—whether it be about marriage, civil unions, or adoption—it’s the children who end up getting hurt the most.

Adoption by gay families benefits children. And really, how could it possibly be better to leave a child in foster care than to give him or her the unconditional love of two parents?

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