Bill McConkey: A Voice for "No"

Bill McConkey describes himself as "a Christian, a family man, a life-long Republican, a rural-loving, hunting, fishing, conservative constitutionalist, and totally straight." He lives in Door County with his wife and two dogs. Says Bill, "I've never seen Brokeback Mountain, and I'm not going to."

But he's voting "No" on the civil unions and marriage ban. Why?
The proposed civil unions and marriage ban is a disaster. I think the vagueness of the ban's second sentence will lead to millions of dollars in lawsuits, one side paid for by the taxpayers. Litigating those cases alone will transfer millions of dollars away from our schools and out of our pockets. This proposed amendment is a fiscal conservative's nightmare, and as a conservative Republican it appalls me.
Read the the full interview with him here.

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