Building the Campaign in Counties Statewide

During the past month we have been engrossed in an organizing push to build networks of volunteers in each county of the state. Everywhere we go, we find people opposed to the ban and wanting to help in their own way. What has most impressed me is the go-to spirit of these Wisconsinites who all have a common goal in mind, and many different paths to reach it.

In larger communities we have programs that are designed to reach voters and have personal conversations with those voters. We know that every time that we talk to voters, we win “No” votes. This is why door-to-door canvassing is so effective.

In Madison, even Mayor Dave recognizes how important door-to-door education is and will be starting his Saturday in Madison with Fair Wisconsin.

In smaller and rural communities, the creative spirit kicks in. This is an issue of education and information—our innovative volunteers work with resolve to reach their neighbors and communities.

In Door County, Fish Creek's local Coffeehouse is hosting our canvass and will be wrapping up the day with a showing of Tying the Knot at 7pm.



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