Clergy for Fairness to Oppose Federal Ban

A new national coalition, Clergy for Fairness, has formed to "oppose any attempt to write discrimination into the United States Constitution."

As today's New York Times reports:
The clergy members at the news conference on Monday said that although the groups opposing the amendment were not of one mind on homosexuality or same-sex marriage, passage of the amendment would give deference to a single point of view and would make the Constitution an instrument of discrimination against a class of citizens.
You can check out the group's web site for sample sermons, the legislative history of the federal amendment, and to read a letter already signed by over 1,600 clergy.

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At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Special Touch said...

How can anyone believe a God of love would support the obstruction of a dying partner from their beloved, the non-payment of child support, or the rejection of a couple's life-long commitment?

It baffles me there are still some people of faith who don't see the indignity and injustice of these constitutional bans; or, worse, those who see the injustice, but fear taking a public stand.

As more and more clergy stand up and make their voices heard on this issue, more people of faith will push past their fear, look into their hearts, and vote NO.


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