A Day Without Gays

Columnist Susan Lampert Smith imagines a day without gay and lesbian people in her column today:

Of course, I stole the idea from the Latino rallies around the country this spring.

For maximum mayhem, I'd schedule the "day without gays" for a Saturday in June, a month popular for weddings.

Think it was bad to see Mexican restaurants shut down? Wait until you see this.

Read the full column to hear her vision of that day.

Lampert Smith also notes that we have coordinators in each of Wisconsin's 72 counties, "...activists in Florence and Iron counties. Guess it's not just a Madison issue."

Meanwhile, The Racine Journal Times spoke with Racine county coordinator, Brent Nance, as well as the Reverend Glen Halbe, both of whom are working with the Racine County Action Network to defeat the ban. From today's paper:
For Nance, the issue is personal.

He wants to make sure that he and his partner of 20 years will continue to be accorded the rights that will allow them to take care of each other in the future. He said he believes the proposed constitutional ban goes too far.

"I don't think it makes sense to codify discrimination in our state constitution," Nance said. "I think the majority of people in Wisconsin do not support the idea of discrimination against anyone (and) when they understand the full impact of this ban, will vote against this."


The Rev. Glen Halbe has worked in the Racine area to inform residents about the proposed ban. Halbe said the amendment is particularly dangerous because of the wording of its second sentence that he believes has broader ramifications for Wisconsin residents regardless of their sexual orientation.

Halbe, 74, who lives in Racine, is interim pastor at First Congregational United Church of Christ in East Troy.

Even though he knows people differ with him on homosexuality, Halbe said the proposed amendment could affect senior couples who may not be married but are living together for reasons of tax purposes and retirement.

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At 1:49 PM, Blogger Communitygal said...

I was concerned that Susan Lampert Smith's article seemed to 1) make light of the very serious and strong message that the immigrant communities, particularly the Latino communities, sent throughout the country on May 1, and 2)encouraged people to think of gays (and to some extent lesbians) in very stereotypical terms. I know she did not mean any harm, but . . .


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