Fair Wisconsin on Capitol Hill

We had our first Washington, DC campaign event last Thursday at Capitol City Brewery on Capitol Hill. Since then, we’ve gotten several congratulatory calls and emails from friends and contacts in DC who say our reputation is growing nationally.

Senator Russ Feingold graciously keynoted our event, joined by featured speakers Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Executive Director Matt Foreman. Each speaker commended our campaign and unequivocally expressed their belief that a fair Wisconsin will prevail in November.

The crowd was diverse: people in politics and the private sector, young hill staff and veterans, Republicans and Democrats. Of the roughly 150 attendees, most were former Wisconsinites and people with professional ties to the state.

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At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Mavis said...

This looks like it was a great event. Thanks to everyone at Fair Wisconsin for all your hard work! We're well on our way to being able to defeat the ban in November.

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Communitygal said...

Wisconsin has scattered some of its best and brightest to the four corners of the country, but so many of us retain heartstring ties to our home, Wisconsin. Wouldn't it be great for the children of Wisconsin who live in NYC, San Fran, Austin, Miami, Ann Arbor, and elsewhere to bring other Wisconsin "ex patriots" together to help stop this ban??

Hmmm, maybe some of you are even reading this, and will now call Fair Wisconsin to get started . . .


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