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I wanted to flag a few things from the Fair Wisconsin website:
  • We posted a summary of media coverage from the 72-county canvass. (This doesn't include coverage that didn't end up online somewhere. For example, many of our county coordinators appeared on radio shows and in weekly papers around the state.)

  • We added a few more profiles to the Story Collection Project. This Project is intended to help us demonstrate how families in every part of the state will be hurt by the ban.

  • You can sign up for our email list here to get regular updates about the campaign, including a monthly calendar of local events.

  • As Eric has written about, our faith organizing effort keeps growing. We have a special Christians for a Fair Wisconsin resource section with sample sermons, talking points, and ideas for starting the conversation in your congregation.

  • Can't volunteer but want to support us? Donate online to make it possible for us to keep growing our efforts.



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