Fiscal Conservative Against the Ban

Waukesha resident Joseph Geck pens a guest op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that gives me a little hope this morning. More and more people from different political perspectives agree the civil unions and marriage ban is too far reaching.

To him, the ban is just one of many symptoms of a larger problem. He says power has tainted the Republicans, just as he thinks it tainted Democrats when they held the reins:
The problem I am talking about here is a disease of those who have held majority power too long.
He doesn't label himself but it seems fair to say he's a fiscal conservative. He has qualms about marriage for gay couples but opposes the ban because it also outlaws civil unions:

This Legislature has been busy. It created a number of issues that will bring Republican voters to the polls this fall.

There is the definition of marriage initiative. Supporters say it is not anti-gay. But if that were true, why is there no provision to give legal status to civil unions? In fact, the second sentence of the proposed constitutional amendment seems to block a provision for all civil unions, including heterosexual. Those of us who are not anti-gay but who think tinkering with the marriage definition has problems believe there should be a provision for civil unions.

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