Joe to Cho: We Can Win

Joe in Milwaukee wrote an email to Margaret Cho, which was published on her Love is Love is Love blog.

Joe offers his optimism and asks Cho to help spread the word:
We have a chance to be the first state to defeat this. It's already passed in Michigan and Oregon (which was the most shocking of states) and the new language has had some catastrophic rippling effects already. Up to this point the word hasn't gotten out to the right people. The amendment is written so cleverly that 20% of the people in Michigan thought they were voting against the amendment. It's time that everyone is made aware that the secret is out and we aren't going to stand for it. I truly believe that if Wisconsin can stand up against this obvious hate legislature it will resonate across the country. After all, if Wisconsin can defeat this, ANYONE can… and we'd like to frame that out for other states to follow suit with the type of activism that is needed.
Joe and the rest of the Milwaukee area will get a chance to see Margaret Cho on Friday, June 9th. She's the headline performer at this year's Milwaukee Pride Fest.


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