Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

For the past several months I've had the pleasure of working many long hours with one of Fair Wisconsin's super volunteers.

Jeff Krueger has been volunteering with us for almost two years now, but in recent months his efforts have become increasingly indispensible to the campaign.

Jeff can rightfully be called the "father" of our database of supporters. His programming skills, extreme attention to detail, and stellar troubleshooting abilities have allowed our organization to effectively record and keep track of the thousands of people who support our efforts to stop the ban on civil unions and marriage. As any campaign strategist knows, being able to identify and record who and where your supporters are is key to winning an election.

It may not sound like sexy work, but Jeff has whole-heartedly dedicated himself to working on these highly-technical behind-the-scenes tasks. Despite the fact that he has a full-time day job, he often volunteers for us until 2 a.m.

Jeff is just another example of the many spectacular volunteers who have given--and continue to give--so much to the campaign.



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