Reverend Womack on the Federal Ban

Two days ago we reported on a new national coalition, Clergy for Fairness, formed to oppose the federal ban on gay unions. What we didn't report is that Milwaukee's own Reverend Rolen Lewis Womack (pictured above to the left of the speaker) of the Progressive Baptist Church is a prominent member. Reverend Womack also works with African American Ministers in Action, an organization formed to "challenge systems of injustice that prevent God's children from reaching their full potential." He used his time at the press conference to talk about family.
Rev. Womack said that his own family contained many different types of people, and that his faith called on him to oppose an amendment that valued some family members more than others. He called on the audience to let their faith guide them to oppose discrimination. “It’s your faith. It’s your future. It’s our family.”


At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

I have a question about the Federal ban vs the Wisconsin ban.

The Federal ban's 2nd sentence only says that no legal entity "shall be required to" recognize gay marriages. In other words, the power to make family law still rests with our elected representatives. So it essentially does nothing, except to make DOMA immune from a court challenge. YES to the power of Congress. NO to the power of the SCOTUS.

But the Wisconsin ban actually strips legal entities of the ability to make family law. NO to the power of our reps in Madison. YES to judges who are left to interpret exactly HOW to deny our families rights.

Am I correct in my reading of the Federal ban? If so, it would be quite possible for an entire group of voters to be IN FAVOR of the Federal ban since it keeps power away from judges, while being AGAINST the Wisconsin ban on the same grounds.


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