Spotlight on David Seitz

David Seitz is a busy guy. He is the opinions editor of his school's paper, on the Reader Advisory Board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a columnist for Queer Life News, active in Amnesty International, a member of his school's Gay-Straight Alliance, active in his church, and a volunteer for Fair Wisconsin.

I met him at an Action Training he helped organize last fall in Waukesha. He struck me as one of the most articulate, motivated, and intelligent people I've met while working on this campaign.

And he's still in high school.

He recently answered a few questions for our "Spotlight On" series, including why this issue is important to him:

As a lifelong Wisconsinite, I’ve always been proud of our tradition as an independent-minded, progressive democracy. Throughout our history, we’ve gone out of our way to be fair and recognize human dignity.


In 2006, we will become the first state to defeat a constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage equality for same-gender couples. “Forward” is more than our state motto. It’s in who we are as people, and I have faith that we’ll show that in November.

Read the full interview with David here.



At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David, you're a gifted writer and the world needs more journalists like you. I live in Milwaukee and always enjoy reading your pieces in the Journal-Sentinel and Q Life. Keep up the good work!


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