The Story Collection Project

For a while now we've been collecting stories from gay and lesbian families around the state. Recently we re-launched the Story Collection Project to share stories of love, commitment, and the real ways Wisconsin families are affected by the denial of the legal protections of marriage.

By sharing our stories we help put a human face on the issue. And when people have the opportunity to get to know same-sex couples, they are more likely to oppose the ban. We will continue collecting stories through the duration of the campaign. If you're interested in sharing yours, please fill out our questionnaire.

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At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

I think that the story collection project is one of the best things that Fair Wisconsin are doing! These couples (as well as strait couples who remain unmarried) need to be featured prominently as we approach November.

May I offer a few additions to the form? The form as it currently stands is excellent in that it allows each couple free-form to describe relationship history, children issues, and discrimination issues. But a few additions might help us capture sound-bites better. I would add:

(1) Financial discrimination as a separate category. Specific questions in the category could include:

Taxation. What is the difference in your tax bills, as an unmarried household? When I was partnered, we always took the time to complete 2 sets of tax forms: one separate and one as if we were married. Our tax bill was usually about $5,000 higher than it would have been if we were able to marry.

Inheritance risk. What provisions have you made with a will that are put at risk? Couples with significant estates are especially vulnerable inthis area.

Insurance and membership costs. For what small monthly expenses are you ineligible for family rates?

(2) Religious affiliation as either a category or as a specific question. Two reasons to add this specifically.

Positive association. I am always happy to hear stories like my own. Folks, especially those from conservative religious traditions, who have encountered support and encouragement from their churches and other places of worship.

Lobbying at the leadership level. Especially with Eric on the full-time team as Faith Coordinator, we want to be able to go to religious leaders with stories of their own flocks.


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