Tomah: Yet Another Community Organized Against the Ban

Last night we had our first action network meeting in Tomah. Since we were locked out of our original meeting location, we decided to move to a restaurant down the street. After ordering something to eat we got down to business. Rita and Brandon updated us on their extremely successful house party last weekend (they raised almost $700), and we began planning our door-to-door canvass for May 20th as well as outreach at upcoming events.

At the end of the meeting, a woman sitting at a table nearby confessed that she’d been eavesdropping and was wondering exactly what we were talking about. Since she hadn’t yet heard about the ban, we explained what it was, its far-reaching consequences, and how it would hurt families throughout Wisconsin.

The woman mentioned that her husband recently left her for another man. She said that if he’d felt comfortable enough to come out years ago, she and her children wouldn’t have been put through this painful experience.

When she said that, I automatically assumed that she would oppose the ban, so I asked if we could count on her to vote “No” this November. I was surprised when she said she wasn’t sure, and that she’d have to think about it a bit more.

Her comment reminded me that people are filled with conflicting feelings on this issue and that’s why it’s so important to continue having conversations with all types of people all over the state.


At 12:25 AM, Blogger Legolyx said...

Some people and I were discussing people who were "on the bubble" over the ban, whether to vote for it or not. We thought maybe what we could ask these people that if they didn't feel comfortable voting either way, to just not vote at all. I think this is a viable option. I don't mean to say, don't vote, period, but just not on the referendum question.


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