Wausau A-Walkin'

This Saturday, 18 people came together to talk with Wausau voters about the harms of the ban on civil unions and marriage. What great turn-out for our first door-to-door!

Most of our canvassers live in or near Wausau, but we had one retired couple come from up north to learn how to talk to their neighbors and identify supporters.

Alan and Sharon walked house to house together, and they delighted in being the stereotypically unusual opponents of the ban: a straight couple with gray hair from the Northwoods.

We all walked in neighborhoods where the voters’ average age was somewhere over 65. Alan and Sharon afterwards told us about being able to relate to many of the people they talked to—many of whom were opposed to marriage for gay couples—but who were able to connect on how the ban would hurt aging couples.

CWAG, the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, is opposed to the ban because it will complicate the lives of many aging couples who have been widowed and re-coupled without re-marrying. These elderly couples are often treated as married, despite not having the actual license, and if the ban passes, their relationship and legal status would more often be called into question.

In these older neighborhoods where we went, I wasn’t surprised that we found more people on our side than on the other. I think part of the reason was that our canvassers all were just like Alan and Sharon—they had smiles and joy on their faces and enjoyed informing and conversing with voters about the ban.


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