Bloggers Backing 30 by the 30th

It's a sign of good things when two bloggers with very different political perspectives both want to defeat the civil unions and marriage ban.

Jay at Folkbum and Chris at Spotted Horse both posted links to our $30 by the 30th campaign. The folks at BlockOut Wisconsin also kindly flagged the fundraising campaign. Thanks very much guys.

If you're a blogger or have a profile at MySpace, Facebook, or anywhere else, please encourage your readers to pitch in $30 to Fair Wisconsin by June 30th.

You can link to this page:

We're up to $7,208!



At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Kent said...

I put the info and linked to you on the Four Lakes Bears website.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Lawyapalooza said...

Check out Ann Althouse's Blog. She linked it too!


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