Canvassing in "Conservative" Towns

This from Coleman, one of our main volunteers leaders in South West Wisconsin:

"Last night a small group of us canvassed in Barneveld. Before we started we stupidly discouraged ourselves, sharing stories we had heard of how conservative the town is. We’d heard that roughly 150% of the voters were Republican, and that anyone who might be Democrat would never admit it. We knew that the town is close-knit, and that nothing is more important to people in Barneveld than the boys’ baseball team or the girls’ basketball team. We know there is a large Catholic denomination in Barneveld, and a very conservative one at that.

"Oh well. We decided to canvass anyway and see what happened.

"One of our teams started off in a low-income senior housing development. First, everyone appeared happy to talk about the ban, and everyone knew about it. Almost every senior in the development expressed an opinion – they are strongly OPPOSED to the ban. As door after door opened, we heard the same thing. This is a group of people who are voting no. Is this a group of conservatives? Almost certainly – but conservatives who value equal rights and don’t like government intruding in people’s lives.

"I had a slightly different, but still very good experience knocking on doors in along older suburban streets. Everyone I talked with knew about the ban. (This was very different from previous canvasses I’ve done in Milwaukee, Platteville and Dodgeville – where over half of voters told me that hadn’t heard anything about it.) Everyone was respectful and pleasant, and listened with interest as I talked with them. But almost everyone I talked with declined when I asked them how they would vote. Most of them said they needed to study it more.

"I’ll take that. I’m confident that if they do study it, and understand it, they will vote no.

"Our small group decided that we want to visit every home in Barneveld and nearby Ridgeway, so we’re going back in a few weeks to complete our canvass.

"Traditionally conservative towns may be just what we need to win this campaign."

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