CWAG's Annual Conference

This week Fair Wisconsin talked with seniors at the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups’ annual conference. CWAG has spoken out against the ban on civil unions and marriage due to the far-reaching consequences it could have for seniors.

As folks from all across Wisconsin walked through the exhibit area, we talked with them about how the ban would affect seniors. Often senior widowers will choose to not re-marry a new partner for a variety of reasons. These couples’ relationships would be open to legal challenge because they could be interpreted as “substantially similar to marriage” but not marriage and thus not privy to the rights, responsibilities and benefits of marriage. This is particularly important because so many of these rights are related to end of life and medical issues.

The seniors we talked to in the majority understood and were upset by this intrusion into their private lives. We especially found that union members and retirees very quickly ‘got it’.

Many thanks to Helen and the other volunteers who spent their time informing Wisconsin seniors with us!


At 6:40 PM, Blogger Brian J said...

That's awesome, and such critical outreach. Senior citizens and retirees do get this issue!


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