Defeating the Ban, Block by Block

In the midst of the this weekend's Democratic Convention, Pride Festival, and so much more, our canvassers will still be at the doors this Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Here in Madison, BlockOut Wisconsin is co-sponsoring the door to door canvass on the west side of town.

I first heard of BlockOut last summer while I was working in Milwaukee with the LGBT Community Center. The idea of going around to one's own block to have conversations with our neighbors sounded exactly like what we needed in Wisconsin to win.

We know that telling our stories helps people understand the impacts of the ban, but what we don’t always understand is the importance of talking with everyone about it. Intrigued by the motivation of one couple to do so much to stop this ban, I decided that when I was back in Madison I would have coffee with David and Bryan.

David and Bryan, as I discovered from our chat, are my parents’ neighbors. As neighbors, we decided that we would test out the actual block-out concept in our neighborhood. Last summer, we got together with a few other neighbors and walked our blocks, talking with people about the ban. It was the first time I had ever talked with my neighbors about anything -- let alone about this ban.

We had a great time in the Westmorland area that day and learned a lot about our neighborhood. Since then, people from all around the state have worked with BlockOut. Now with five months left in the campaign, BlockOut is working in collaboration with Fair Wisconsin.

We thank BlockOut and most especially David for his commitment to the issue. I know that every inch of energy he has outside of work goes to defeating this ban.

If you're interested in canvassing tomorrow with BlockOut and Fair Wisconsin you can sign up online.


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