Faith Communities Take an Unprecedented Stand

We already told you about the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ opposing the ban. Today, the Conference distributed a press release about their position.
The vote of the more than 400 delegates was greater than 90% to oppose amending the State Constitution for this purpose. The action by the Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Conference followed a vote in 2005 to send the matter to the congregations for a year of study and then to seek a decision at the 2006 meeting. Three smaller group discussion sessions preceded the plenary session where the vote was taken.

The Rev. David Moyer, Conference Minister of the Wisconsin Conference said that while there are those who oppose this action and take a different approach to the church’s stand on social issues, the discussion at the meeting was very respectful of all persons and their viewpoints on the issue. Rev. Moyer said, “We tried to emphasize that even when we are not able to be of one mind, we can work to be of one heart and mindful of one another in the spirit of Christ.”

The Conference Minister observed that many people who are uncomfortable with same gender relationships still believe that putting an issue like this on the ballot as a constitutional amendment is a poor approach to public policy. The majority of persons present at the meeting indicated by their vote that they opposed legal discrimination in this area of life and wished to have the State Constitution fulfill its high purpose of extending civil rights for persons.

The Wisconsin Conference, United Church of Christ is a covenantal fellowship of 231 congregations and about 60,000 members. The Annual Meeting of the Conference speaks to the churches and not necessarily for them. United Church of Christ, congregations are free to order their church life in keeping with local traditions. Their beliefs and positions on matters of social concern rely on the faith and prayerful voices of the members of each local congregation.
Yesterday, the Wisconsin United Methodist Conference reaffirmed its opposition to the ban at their annual meeting.

Fair Wisconsin distributed a press release today thanking these and the many other faith communities for standing against the ban:
"Never before--in Wisconsin or any other state--have so many faith communities joined together to oppose one of these measures," said Fair Wisconsin campaign manager Mike Tate. "People of faith are critical to defeating the ban, and we thank them for speaking out."

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