Fathers and Sons

Yesterday for Father's Day, two Wisconsin dads shared their love for their sons with readers of their hometown newspapers.

In Appleton, Jim Larson wrote a letter to the editor to say his son David, “works hard, pays taxes and leads a pretty exemplary life. And like nearly all people, David has hopes and dreams of one day sharing his life with the person he loves.”

He continues:
When David was very young, I swore I would do anything to protect him from what can often be a cruel and frightening world. Because of a hurtful amendment on our ballot this November that will ban civil unions and marriage for same-sex couples, I know my job to protect him is not finished.

On this Father's Day, I'll be reaffirming that commitment to protect my son — and I urge everyone to honor the hard work fathers do everywhere by honoring and protecting the children they raised.
And in the Journal Sentinel's Waukesha section, David Henry (shown here with his son, Nathan) shared the same love and concern for his son. Read the article about the Henrys here.

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