Feingold and Fair Wisconsin Support on DailyKos

Lots of people have been posting about the federal ban debate on the popular national blog, DailyKos. Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) weighed in earlier this afternoon with "A Shameful Political Ploy." He also posts a link to a transcript of his speech from the Senate floor.

Last Friday, an apparent Fair Wisconsin supporter wrote about whether Wisconsin could turn the tide against these bans in November.

Elsewhere, the blogosphere is full of talk about the federal ban:
...Althouse says it's all about political gain.
...Xoff Files and What's Left question whether gay marriage is a priority for most Americans.
...Eye on Wisconsin says President Bush decided to listen to Karl Rove over his own wife.
...Captain Ron says the federal ban is a ploy for support from the "religious right".
...State Rep. Mark Pocan examines what's on the fall ballot and urges his readers to support Fair Wisconsin.
...Waxing America reacts to the President's weekly radio address.



At 10:33 PM, Anonymous sara said...

Yeah, the blogosphere is all over this! I just clicked on all of the links to the LGBT blogs on your blogroll...everyone's writing about it.

Sometimes I just can't believe this is such huge national news. But sometimes, I'm glad it is. Eventually everyday people will catch on to how silly this debate is. People on both sides of the debate (and even those who are undecided) must be so sick of hearing about it.

I know I am. Time for the real issues. Please.

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Special Touch said...

This IS a real issue for gay families who are denied access to the legal security that marriage and civil unions provide. This is a real issue for anyone who has been turned away from visiting their beloved in a hospital because they weren't first-of-kin. It's a real issue to anyone who has lost the home they shared with their long-term partner to distant unfamiliar relatives.

I wish someone would stand on the Senate floor and -- instead of pretending this injustice is merely unimportant or unnecessary or untimely -- call this amendment what it really is: hurtful, immoral, and wrong.

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

I'm with Special Touch. It makes me angry that the Dems and Reps who oppose the Federal amendment do so because, "We should be debating important issues instead." It betrays the fact that those same politicoes really, really, don't care. To them, we are merely pawns in some game to get re-elected.

This is why we are so proud of our own Senator Feingold. He speaks with a conservative, moral voice on this issue. We are FAMILY. Our homes are IMPORTANT. We deserve RESPECT.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Todd said...


Not sure if you saw it, but Feingold's floor speech did the best job I've seen of going through all the potential leagl implications of the FMA and its ambiguous wording.


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