Greatest Hits: Voices for No

In addition to our "Conversations" series, we also regularly feature interviews with people who oppose the ban. The point of these interviews is to highlight the diverse reasons that compel people to oppose the ban. We calls this series "Voices for No."

Here are the people we've featured so far. We hope to add more soon.

Bill McConkey describes himself as "a Christian, a family man, a life-long Republican, a rural-loving, hunting, fishing, conservative constitutionalist, and totally straight." He lives in Door County with his wife and two dogs.

Susan Allen
is a mother of three and a high school teacher in Green Bay. She says, "[P]assage of this amendment would hurt every single one of the gay and lesbian students, parents, families and friends whom I so dearly love."

Representative Tamara Grigsby represents the constituents of Milwaukee's 18th state Assembly District. She says, "As I said on the floor during the Assembly vote, as a member of a group of people who has had to fight tooth and nail for every right that we now expect, I equally feel I must participate in fighting discrimination against others."

Georgia Henry used to put up lawn signs in support of state Rep. Mark Gundrum (R-New Berlin), but then he became a lead proponent of the ban. Henry lives in the Town of Waukesha and is a mother of two sons--one gay, one not. She's also the supervisor of a statistical department for a manufacturing company.

State Senator Lena Taylor represents the 4th Senate District in Milwaukee. Senator Taylor says she is outspoken against the ban because it is "redundant, punitive, just plain discriminatory, and undertaken for purely political reasons."



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