Her Name is Liberty

This photo of Liberty was taken by her parents at the Madison Farmer's Market this weekend.

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At 6:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to defeat the marrage ban you need to mention its impact on the children of gay families. All I see on your site is how it impact gay adults. You site does not mention the even greater impact on the children that lead in households of gay adults.

This is important because legal contracts cannot be created to give the children legal standing to have accesses to both gay parents if for some reasons the family breaks apart. Also the children are not entitled to finanical protections because lack of marriage.

I think more people would be reached if you present how this law impact the children. How this proposed law discriminates against the children.

It amazes me how this impact is so rarely mentioned. I think maybe its because gay-parent headed households with children are a minority group within the gay community.

So put part of your efforts into showing how the marriage ban discriminates and hurts this children. You will reach more people.


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