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Again this week, there was lots of strong media coverage of both the federal and state ban debates.

Lisa Kaiser's fact check of the Family Research Institute DVD is now online at The Shepherd Express (scroll down after you link).

Yesterday's Racine Journal Times published an editorial decrying the federal ban and urging voters to reject the state ban this November.

John Nichols, a Capital Times editor and columnist for The Nation, unpacks President Bush's support for the federal ban and explores why Wisconsin could turn the tide.

Wisconsin State Journal columnist Bill Wineke weighs in with , "Marriage is troubled, but not by gays."

Earlier this week, two Capital Times columnists wrote about this issue. Margaret Krome says, "Gay Marriage Proposals Carry Message of Hate," and Dave Zweifel talks about how arts advocates worry about the ban's impact on their work.

UPDATE: The Fond du Lac Reporter published a feature about the civil unions and marriage ban today. Sister Caryl Hartjes, of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes in Fond du Lac, tells the paper, "Don't call it a gay marriage ban. Refer to it as a civil union ban amendment. It's much broader than gay marriage, which is already illegal in Wisconsin even without this amendment."



At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Kent said...

Wow. Some very good reporting in that one entry. I still am amazed however at the people who so glibbly say "oh, we can't let gays marry, that is not right". They are not even thinking of the other issues such as protections.

If we were to say we wanted to remove the 1000 benfits from the feds and over 100 benefits that Wisconsin gives, heterosexual married couples would SCREAM foul and discrimination. However, they don't think about us just wanting to protect our families. It is just so so sad.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Ed Rink said...

More very good press from the Platteville Journal Wednsday. It's not availiable online but it was a great article about our effort, it was on page one above the fold and it used very friendly language. It was even on message!


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