More Support from the Blogosphere

The money keeps coming in and Wisconsin bloggers continue to rally behind our $30 by the 30th campaign.

Since Josh's musing yesterday about the support from both ends of the political spectrum, a few more bloggers chimed in to help us reach our goal.

Ann Althouse asked her readers to consider helping defeat the "murky" amendment; Cory Liebmann at Eye on Wisconsin rightly notes that we will "keep fighting [the ban] in every way"; Carrie Lynch at What's Left says donating $30 is an easy way to help stop discrimination; Ben at Badger Blues says "all politics is local"; Dan at eschew obfuscation calls it a "worthwhile cause"; and Matt at the Students for Equality blog plugs both the 30 by 30 campaign and our Fair Wisconsin Action Networks.

Only 9 days until our filing deadline, and more than $20K to raise.

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